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UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker

A month has passed since the launch of UltimateDemon. Many great enhancements (more than 30) have been added into the software.

One of the feature that we want to highlight today is the link farm checker. Even though this feature has been there since day 1, in the latest version (, we have brought it to the next level of simplicity.

You can now easily identify sites that are part of a link farm by simply right clicking on any site in the "Sites" screen and choose "Identify Sites With Same IP".

Take a look at how easy it is to use this wonderful feature:

UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker


  • Matt Hepburn on 23 Jan, 2012 11:04 am commented:
  • This is very important feature, for getting relevant backlinks, post Panda and Farmer updates.

    If you are able to identify websites out of your list, that are Link Farms, then of course Google and the other major search engines can also. 

    We fight so hard to get link juice to pass down to our sites. Idetifying these types of websites and avoiding adding content on them may help you avoid getting a penalty from Google and the search engines, like devaluing my backlinks to a webpage or worse.

    It is a great tool.

    Matt HepburnWebmaster

  • admin on 25 Jan, 2012 03:50 am commented:
  • Thank you for stopping by.

    Yes. We understand that having "bad neighbours" could greatly affect the ranking of a site and thus this feature is added right from day one.

    We will continue to look into more ways to help our users to spot bad neighbours. :)

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