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Upcoming New Feature - Extract Seed Article

We know there are moments that we will hit a mind block. There are just no inspiration to get us started in writing.

In the upcoming release of UltimateDemon, one of the new features that we are introducing is "Extract Seed Article".

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

UltimateDemon New Feature - Extract Seed Article


  • peter on 05 Feb, 2012 03:58 pm commented:
  • Hi there, without sounding disrespectful - wouldnt it be better to walk before you can run?

    There just aren't enough sites on UD and surely more work in sorting this out would be better.


    re: Seed.

    From the image, am i correct in saying you'll type an idea (ie) Dog Training and it will pull in an article?  If so, yes this is ok, but surely you need to tell UD users to use unique material as for best results?...but maybe I got it wrong.


    More forum sites...or any at all would be a start though!

  • admin on 06 Feb, 2012 01:39 am commented:
  • The default list of sites will be kept at a certain size. Currently there are close to 320 sites in UD and though we continue to add more sites, it will be mostly high PR.

    UD support a vast number of open source scripts allowing users to add unlimited number of sites into it.

    Having a large default list will only do more harm than good. The sites will get hit so hard that they won't last weeks.

    Allowing user to add their own list is a better long term option that benefit everybody.

    And yes, keying in "dog training" will pull a related article. It is meant to provide inspiration for user to have an easier start. It is highly recommended to rewrite the content. It is not to be used as is.

    We will certainly tell the user that they need to use unique material for best results. That is what the big [?] on the screen is for. :)

  • Scritty on 08 Feb, 2012 06:33 am commented:
  • I currently have around 120 WEB2.0 (added a lot of ELGG sites, still not a massive number - but I don't keep any that don't work or are below PR2) have about 11,000 forum sites, several hundred bookmarking sites (the amount of these you can add is simply staggering, tens of thousands - problem then would be the time it takes to create all the accounts).

    Articles I've trimmed back to under 800 (from over 4000) so many don't work (at all - no matter what submitter software you use) 800 "good" ones so much better time wise than many thousand poor ones.

    Forums, I've added loads, and they work  - but use some other tools for forum posting mostly (that I had long before UD came out) but with the inbuild scraper or scrapebox (scrapebox is a better tool for this, but the inbuilt scraper is adequate) you can find forums with the right footprint, again there are many many thousands that can be added.

    I would also like a couple more WEB2 sites added and maintained that have a unique footprint, so that say 30 PR5 or higher sites were always working completely, but it's close (I can get 20 odd decent PR sites to post from the set that is included in Demon), I would just like a few more.

    Directories - again, the footprints allow many hundred of directories. I have maybe 900 working directory sites. IF you have a new site, an RSS submit, and directory blast is a great way to get it indexed thoroughly. (and quick)

    The power of the product is adding your own sites. Articles, Bookmarks, ELGG WEB2, forums. That way every owner of UD is posting to a uniqe subset - not the same few hundred spammed sites

    Adding this lot took me...about 8 hours in total. I now have a tool with many thousands of targets and the knowledge that it's extremely unlikely that annyone posts to the combination of sites I post to.

  • admin on 08 Feb, 2012 10:56 pm commented:
  • Thank you for your comment.

    Yes. The true power of UltimateDemon is that it allows user to maintain their own unique list of sites that they can submit to. This ensures no single user have the same targetted list which is always better for link building. 

    For Web 2.0, we have a list of high PR Web 2.0 sites that we are trying to "crack". Overtime, those that we managed to "crack" will get added. They are tough nuts.

    Right now, we are toying with the idea of having a pre-release page for UltimateDemon users.

    In this page, you will find the latest development build which will contain new and upcoming features that will be released to the public. For those who can't wait to lay your hands on, you can download the latest pre-release build from there.

    When that happens, we will make an announcement on it. :)

  • Joe on 10 Feb, 2012 03:11 am commented:
  • RE:Yes. The true power of UltimateDemon is that it allows user to maintain their own unique list of sites that they can submit to. This ensures no single user have the same targetted list which is always better for link building.


    you keep saying this, but in fact its not really all that, web 2.0 you can add 1 platform, whats the use of that? and theres not that many elggs out there to accept storys, so its limited. article sites are shutdown, that leaves bookmarking, thats fine, but whats the use of that after the sites indexed,. directorys are cool after your link has been eventually approved, contextual links are the most important link these days, this thing needs article platforms that are still working to submit to ,and web 2.0 platfroms, not some article making bot, when theres not many article sites in there to submit to, this is like trying to fry an egg, before you even have an egg.

  • admin on 10 Feb, 2012 08:44 am commented:
  • Thank you for commenting.

    If you know of any open source Web2.0 scripts, let us know. We can look into it and have it added so that you will be able to add more sites into the software and submit to more platforms.

    To add new platforms that enable users to self-add more sites, we just have to analyze it and have it added into our system and all our users will be able to use it right away.

    You do not even have to upgrade the software but you will need to let us know of open source Web2.0 scripts. That is the only requirement. Let us know if you know of any. Thanks. :)

    On the part on contextual link, it will be available in UltimateDemon in the next update so check that out. We are constantly improving the software based on users feedback. You can participate by going to our forum at http://forum.edwinsoft.com 

    For frying of egg, look at it this way. UD is the frying pan. It comes with some eggs that you can get yourself started with.

    You will need to find more eggs (self-add sites) and cook it with the eggs that comes with UD. This way you will constantly have eggs for dinner.

    Give a man a fish he can only eat for 1 day. Give a man a fish rod and he can eat fish for the rest of his life (provided he go fishing with the rod).

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