EdwinSoft will cease operation after 31st October 2017.

Server Will Be Kept Online For The Time Being (Sponsorship Received)

We have some good news for our existing users! 

We have found sponsors who are very kind and willing to pay for the server to keep it online for our UltimateDemon, BookmarkingDemon and ArticleDemon users.

We are not affiliated or related to them but we would like to thank them for their willingness to help out the community.

Our main sponsors:


Unable To Connect UD, BMD or AD?

Please contact support (https://support.edwinsoft.net) for download link to updated version of the tools.


Want to help by sponsoring and keeping the server online?

Please contact support (https://support.edwinsoft.net) and we will provide you the details on how you can help out the community.

As a return gesture, we will provide a linkback to our sponsor website (T&C applies).


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