UD, BMD, AD Released

We have just released new version for the following products:

Some bug fixes and many new enhancements added to the software.

Most significant enhancement will be the daily submission snapshot:

Daily Submission Snapshot

Launch Of BookmarkingDemon 6 & ArticleDemon 2

Today we would like to announce the immediate availability of BookmarkingDemon 6 and ArticleDemon 2. 

BookmarkingDemon 6 - User Interface ArticleDemon 2 - User Interface
BookmarkingDemon 6 (BMD6) ArticleDemon 2 (AD2)

With this new release, we have also completed the second and final phase to integrate all our submission tools into one single platform. 

What Are The New Things To Expect?

When we launched UltimateDemon in December 2011, we introduced "Seamless Submission". With BMD6 and AD2, we now introduce a unified platform with "Seamless Upgrade".

Seamless Upgrade

What Is Seamless Upgrade?

In this unified platform that UltimateDemon, BookmarkingDemon, and ArticleDemon now sit on, users are able to upgrade from 1 software to another without losing their existing work. We call it the seamless upgrade.

We will illustrate using a chart:

Demon Upgrade Path

and here is the explanation on how the above works:

  • Activating the software with a copy of BookmarkingDemon license key will enable BookmarkingDemon 6
  • Activating the software with a copy of ArticleDemon license key will enable ArticleDemon 2
  • If you have BookmarkingDemon 6 enabled, adding ArticleDemon license key into the software will enable UltimateDemon Lite
  • If you have ArticleDemon 2 enabled, adding BookmarkingDemon license key into the software will enable UltimateDemon Lite
  • Activating the software with a copy of UltimateDemon license key will enable full version of UltimateDemon

Advantages Of Unified Platform

  • Enhancements and software bug fixes will be applied across all 3 demons
  • The same goes to plugin updates
  • Users no longer have to fear (though unnecessary) that we will not support BookmarkingDemon and ArticleDemon now that we have UltimateDemon

How Do I Upgrade To The Newer Version?

  • Run the software (BMD5, AD1) and go to the "Announcement" tab. You will find the download link on the announcement page.

How To Migrate To Newer Version?

UltimateDemon Version

On 21st February 2012, we said that we will release Wiki support in UltimateDemon on 6th March 2012. We have been working very hard to miss that deadline and we managed to miss it.

Today we present to you UltimateDemon version Within this version, you will find:

New Wiki Platform

Wiki Platform

Increase your link diversity with Wiki.

New PR + IP + Alexa + WOT Scanner

PR / IP / Alexa / WOT Scanner

With the new scanner, you can easily find out if a web site is trustworthy.

New Link Checker

Link Checker

It allows you to test if links are still online.

If you have not upgrade to this version, what are you waiting for? ;)

For more details, you can check out the latest change log.

Oh, here is also a guide on how you can create your own footprints to scrape for sites: http://ultimatedemon.com/footprint.htm

Here's our basic footprints: http://ultimatedemon.com/selfadd.htm

UltimateDemon Version

We have finally released UltimateDemon version

More than 20 new enhancements have been added in this release.

The following is an excerpt from the change log:

  • You can now retrieve seed articles to help you have a quick start in writing article for your article or Web 2.0 submissions. You can find it located right at the top of "Step 3" when you create/edit a task.
  • Added contextual linking support for article directories (WordPress self-add only).

For more details, you can check out the latest change log.

Upcoming New Feature - Contextual Linking

In the next few days we will be releasing UltimateDemon version In this new version, there will be more than 20 new enhancements added.

Today we will let you take a look at 1 of these many new enhancements - Contextual Linking.

Contextual Linking

Contextual linking allows user to insert keyword anchor links into the body content of their articles.

This feature will only be available to all self-added WordPress article directories.

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