EdwinSoft will cease operation after 31st October 2017.

Fixing High Failure Rate In UltimateDemon

It has come to our attention that there are users facing high failure rate when using UltimateDemon.

We have looked into this and we have found out the likely cause that it is due to account activation. The default time to retry email activation was set to be 3 minutes and apparently, that is too short.

This in turn caused the task items to fail with the error "Exceed Retry Limit".


How to check if you are affected by this:

  • Select the task from your project screen that is 100% processed and have a high number of pending items
  • Click [Task Log] from the toolbar.
  • In the "Task Log" screen, mouse over the "Status" column and you will see a small funnel icon at the top right corner
  • Click the funnel icon
  • Select "Exceed Retry Limit" (1)
  • Check the "Message" column to see if most of the items are displaying the message "Task delayed as no email containing activation link is found" (2).

    If you see a lot of items with the above message, you are one of the affected users.

Account Verification Exceed Retry Limits

A screenshot of how it will appear on your task log (click image to enlarge).


How to correct this:

Users who are facing this issue can fix it by applying the following steps:

  • Select the task from your project screen
  • Click [Task Log] from the toolbar.
  • In the "Task Log" screen, select any item that has "Exceed retry limit"
  • Click "Reset Retry Limit" from the toolbar
  • Check "Reset all items that have exceed retry limits"
  • Click [Yes]

UltimateDemon will retry email activation again.



Set "Verify email after X minutes" to a larger number (10 minutes) when you create a task. This will provide sufficient time for emails to arrive in the mailbox.


What's going to happen next:

We will be looking into this and a new update that is aimed at addressing this issue will be released. We appreciate your patience.


If you are not one of the affected users but still experiencing high failure rate:

Please file a support ticket at https://support.edwinsoft.net and we will assist you from there.

Launch Of UltimateDemon

Today is a big day for us. After 10 months of development work, today we are pleased to announce the official release of our latest product: UltimateDemon.


To date, this is our finest creation when it comes to Internet Marketing automation.

Countless designs were created and trashed while we work on this new tool. There was even a point we decided to just scrap everything and start from scratch again and we are glad we did.

Here is a quick walkthrough down the memory lane of EdwinSoft.

In 2008, our very first version of DemonCore engine was created for BookmarkingDemon 4. At the start, the engine proved to be effective but as time goes by and technology advances, it no longer can handle the new Web 2.0. It got so hard that ensuring the submission is maintained at high success rate is no longer an easy task.

We struggled and finally decided that we need to go back to the design board. 2009, DemonCore v2 was born and with it we launched BookmarkingDemon 5.

Fast forward to 2010. We used the same DemonCore v2 engine and created ArticleDemon. However, soon we ran into the similar trauma that we faced during the time of BookmarkingDemon 4. Even though v2 is still able to do its chores, there are times that the engine couldn't handle certain automation task and we have to remove certain sites from the software.

Early 2011, our development team decided that it is again, about time to work on straightening things up. We went back to the design board and DemonCore v3 is created. Yes, again, from scratch.

New possibilities were available to us when the engine is created. It was an exciting moment for all of us here and we deployed this whole new engine into the software that you now know as UltimateDemon.

The following is a quick overview of what you can expect to see inside UltimateDemon:

  • A very simple and clean user interface
  • A seamless experience that kept human intervention to the minimum during the submission process
  • The ability to setup your work while UltimateDemon do its chores at the background
  • The ability to drip your submission over a long period of time to make your submission look natural
  • The beloved ability to self-add sites that uses open source scripts is here to stay

Head over to http://ultimatedemon.com and take a look at what this demon can do for you.

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