EdwinSoft will cease operation after 31st October 2017.

UltimateDemon Version

We have finally released UltimateDemon version

More than 20 new enhancements have been added in this release.

The following is an excerpt from the change log:

  • You can now retrieve seed articles to help you have a quick start in writing article for your article or Web 2.0 submissions. You can find it located right at the top of "Step 3" when you create/edit a task.
  • Added contextual linking support for article directories (WordPress self-add only).

For more details, you can check out the latest change log.

Upcoming New Feature - Contextual Linking

In the next few days we will be releasing UltimateDemon version In this new version, there will be more than 20 new enhancements added.

Today we will let you take a look at 1 of these many new enhancements - Contextual Linking.

Contextual Linking

Contextual linking allows user to insert keyword anchor links into the body content of their articles.

This feature will only be available to all self-added WordPress article directories.

Upcoming New Feature - Extract Seed Article

We know there are moments that we will hit a mind block. There are just no inspiration to get us started in writing.

In the upcoming release of UltimateDemon, one of the new features that we are introducing is "Extract Seed Article".

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

UltimateDemon New Feature - Extract Seed Article

24 Hours Support Response Time

You probably have heard us talk about it. We always reply support tickets within 24 hours. Many vendors stated that too

BUT why are we different?

Here is a screenshot of what our support staff (Jenny) sees when she logs into the support system:

Support Backend

You should have seen her reaction when we revealed the new support system to her. She yelled to have the timer removed.

Of course, she didn't get her way.

UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker

A month has passed since the launch of UltimateDemon. Many great enhancements (more than 30) have been added into the software.

One of the feature that we want to highlight today is the link farm checker. Even though this feature has been there since day 1, in the latest version (, we have brought it to the next level of simplicity.

You can now easily identify sites that are part of a link farm by simply right clicking on any site in the "Sites" screen and choose "Identify Sites With Same IP".

Take a look at how easy it is to use this wonderful feature:

UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker

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