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Migrate From BookmarkingDemon 5 To 6

With the release of BookmarkingDemon 6, users on version 5 will definitely want to have the option to migrate their existing accounts to the new version.

We have released BookmarkingDemon that addresses this need.

Exporting Accounts - Part 1

Export Accounts Part 1

  1. Start up BookmarkingDemon, go to the "Social Bookmarking Sites" tab and click the down arrow under "Export"
  2. Choose "Export Accounts For BookmarkingDemon 6 / UltimateDemon" from the menu

Exporting Accounts - Part 2

Export Accounts Part 2

  1. Specify the file for the accounts
  2. Specify the file for the email settings that are associated with the accounts
  3. Click [OK] to save

Once you have exported the accounts into .CSV files, you can refer to page 166 to 172 of the BookmarkingDemon 6 user guide on how to import accounts into BookmarkingDemon 6.


For accounts belonging to self-add sites, you have to add these sites into BMD6 before accounts can be imported.

You can refer to page 112 to 116 of the user guide for more information on how to add sites via the "Site Detector".


  • BAN on 29 Mar, 2012 04:16 pm commented:
  • beauty, but i cant import account - i succesfull exportet account but if i click import - BMD6 give me response: no way - check structure of you data :(

  • Mike on 29 Mar, 2012 04:37 pm commented:
  • Hi

    Is there any option to migrate all accounts and project at once from BMD 5 to BMD6?

    I have tried to do this in the way you described above, first i exported accounts and emails from BMD5 to BMD6. But when i imported i ended up with just 35 sites imported to BMD6. The software says it is because some of sites i have accounts on, aren't listed in BMD6. Actually, i have over 4 000 self-added sites. I can export them from BMD5 as csv, but so far i see there is no option to import CSV bookmarking sites list into BMD6.

    Please let me know if there is someting i missed. I watched relavant videos, but i didn't saw how to import bookmarking site from CSV.



  • admin on 30 Mar, 2012 01:13 am commented:
  • @BAN Are you using BMD5.6.1.4 to export the accounts? Open a support ticket. We will take it up from there.

    @Mike You are not able to import sites fro BMD5 into 6. The only way is through site detector. What you should do is get BMD6 to detect those sites first. Once detected, perform the account import.

  • Anonymous on 30 Mar, 2012 03:48 am commented:
  • Congratulations this software was due an overhaul and looks much simpler to use than before.

    Road testing it on my dedi now :)

  • admin on 30 Mar, 2012 04:39 am commented:
  • @Anonymous Thank you. Glad you find it simpler to use. :)

  • Chris on 31 Mar, 2012 08:10 am commented:
  • How can we export/import projects from BMD5 to BMD6 ?

    Would be really nice to have a migration tool which will take care of everything, now it's a little complicated...

  • admin on 31 Mar, 2012 08:33 am commented:
  • @Chris Project migration is not possible between BMD5 and BMD6 because the data structure is very different.

  • Mehmet Uyar on 02 Apr, 2012 03:58 am commented:
  • If I can't move my acoounts , emails and sites by export, wtf you are giving this tutorial to me?

    You have great programs I admire you but this think bmd 5 to bmd 6 is really dummy thing ! I got 2 bmd 1 ultimatedemon licence and sites which are included on programs aren't useful please do update service for sites.Its really necessary thing.

  • admin on 02 Apr, 2012 04:36 am commented:
  • Accounts and emails can be exported.

    For sites you have to use the site detector.

    It will clean up the list and remove sites that are no longer online.

  • Edmund on 02 Apr, 2012 10:39 pm commented:
  • Hi There,

    I am using version of bookmarking demon. I have successfully exported the accounts and emails from my bookmakring version but I am not able to import them into version May I know how do I go about doing it? I have tried what you suggested in the pdf but I am still not able to import. :(



  • Brian Hirs on 02 Apr, 2012 11:18 pm commented:
  • Will you please check your Ticket #[removed for security reason] and help me get the BMD 6 download and my license.

    I would appreciate your follow through.


  • Peter on 03 Apr, 2012 02:49 pm commented:
  • How can emails be exported and imported?

    Why are projects not exportable? This is indispensable!



  • yu zhan on 03 Apr, 2012 08:31 pm commented:
  • my old BMD version is 5.5, there are no option that " expert BMD account to BMD 6", what can I do?

  • admin on 04 Apr, 2012 08:33 am commented:
  • @Edmund, @yuzhan You have to download in order to export accounts and email addresses for BMD6. Click on the [Download New Version] that is flashing at the bottom left corner when you run BMD5 to download

    @BrianHirs I believe your support ticket has already been answered. We always reply support tickets within 24 hours.

    @Peter Projects are not exportable into BMD6 because the structure is very different.

  • Naveen Singh on 05 Apr, 2012 03:19 pm commented:
  • Where we can download the BMD6


    Thanks Naveen

  • admin on 05 Apr, 2012 10:15 pm commented:
  • @NaveenSingh Run BMD5 and go to the announcement tab. You will see the download link there. :)

  • Chris on 06 Apr, 2012 04:06 am commented:
  • In BMD6 is there a master ping server list like in 5 ? I can't find it ?

  • Juergen Strenger on 07 Apr, 2012 09:52 am commented:
  • Seriously??? You expect us to move to BMD 6 with no option to migrate all projects, websites, URLs, email accounts etc. ??? So I have to set up new xxxxx websites, URLs, titles, descriptions, keywords? And then if I went through all the work and created all those projects new, BMD6 will try and bookmark all my links one more time on the same accounts/bookmarking sites, I would use XXXX decaptcher credits for nothing.

     Are you fucking serious? What STUPID MORON (sorry for the language but I cannot put it any other way - it seems you did not think this through!) comes up with an "update" that makes all my existing projects obsolete? Do you have any idea how mucgh work some users put in the setup of your product, especially people like me with xx websites? And now I have to to this all one more time? Thats at least one week or two full time work. Plus, after the update, I have no way of controlling how many links were created in total for one URL and so on and so on.

    Same with Articledemon I guess. And of course, you will discontinue updates for the old products - which means in a few weeks sucess with bookmarking in the old product will be down to <10% - fantastic!!!

  • admin on 07 Apr, 2012 11:44 am commented:
  • We put in a lot of efforts to ensure that our products are updated consistently over the past 6 years and that we keep to our promise of providing free updates to our users.

    One of the last things that we would expect from our users is to be called a moron for providing updates at $0 cost to them.

    Anyway, you can export accounts and emails via BMD Sites have to be added into BMD6 via the site detector.

    Projects are not importable from BMD5 into BMD6 because BMD6 uses a very different database structure and BMD5 is not compatible with it. Afterall BMD5 was developed in 2009.

    We can certainly extend the period of shut down but we no longer provide support and updates to v5.

    Moving forward, support will only be provided to v6.

    We understand that we can't make everybody happy and we are sorry that you are one of them.

  • Juergen Strenger on 08 Apr, 2012 04:50 am commented:
  • again, sorry for the language. Of course it is a good thing that you provide the new product for zero cost, but given the fact that you won't be updating v5 any more (which makes the software useless), making me pay for v6 would have been really bad since I paid for a product for lifetime use.

    Anyway, forcing users to put in xxx hours of work (again!) to set the new software up is horrible. You should have set up a function or a script to convert the data from v5 to v6 as part of the project right away. It looks like you don't care for your existing customers and are only interested in selling a new product to new customers. And another three years down the road, we'll probably have to go through the same stuff one more time.

    That is not customer-friendly policy at all, AND you should have thought about this before making that step!!!

  • admin on 08 Apr, 2012 05:45 am commented:
  • All existing users are given free update to v6 so you do not have to pay anything to upgrade to the new version.

    If we don't care for our existing users, we would have ended the software life of BookmarkingDemon and force all existing users to buy a new product from us. For that, we never do. Users who purchased our product in 2006 are all given free update. We get nothing out of it and what you have stated earlier really hit us hard. 

    We know change can be a pain and we have given it enough thought before making this decision that only site accounts and email addresses can be migrated. 

    As mentioned, the structure is different and there is no way to migrate project from old to new version. What you should do is for future projects, use v6 and continue to use v5 till it complete all its projects.

    However, there is an option to export web pages from BMD5.6.1.4 into UltimateDemon .CSV format but it needs some editing as there is a missing field in the .CSV file for exported web pages. You can open a support ticket and we can give you the instruction on how to fix that so you can import web pages into v6.

  • peter on 18 Apr, 2012 02:08 pm commented:
  • hi

    demon 5 bookmarkwebsites inport to demon 6

    i know i need to work with site dector

    but how i take from the casv file from demon 5 the urls what i can inport in to demon 6 sitedector

    thank y

  • Nexus on 18 Apr, 2012 07:32 pm commented:
  • When it comes to importing the exported accounts & emails - do you first have to manually enter the email addresses into BMD 6?? Is that right? When you load up BMD's import wizard it gives you a list of all your email addresses that you've used for your accounts and tells you 'The following list does not exist in the software. You will need to import them before accounts associatewd can be added to the software'. Is there a way to bulk import them or do we gave to manually import each email????

  • admin on 19 Apr, 2012 10:44 am commented:
  • @peter You can copy the column that contain the domain name of the sites from the .CSV file and paste it into the site detector of BMD6.

    @Nexus If emails that are missing from BMD5 are catchall, yes, you will need to add them into BMD6 before you can import accounts. You can refer to page 157 and 158 of BMD6 user guide (v1.01).

  • Nexus on 20 Apr, 2012 01:31 am commented:
  • Thanks for the help - it's all added now.

  • Nexus on 20 Apr, 2012 06:05 pm commented:
  • Admin,

    In BMD 5 we were able to use multiple account profiles  (multiple email accounts) per bookmarking submission task - I do not see this feature available in BMD 6, it appears that you can only use one email account per submission task. Is this correct or am I missing something here?

    And if it is only only email account per submission task, is this something you will be upgrading soon?

  • Nexus on 21 Apr, 2012 12:44 am commented:
  • Admin - thanks, am going through that thread - appreciate your responses

  • admin on 21 Apr, 2012 04:50 am commented:
  • @Nexus You can use our support channel or the forum if you have any other queries. :)

  • Tony on 27 Apr, 2012 01:19 pm commented:
  • I have to agree with all previous commenters who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the migration of account and project data from version 5 to version 6. Omitting an easy import feature in version 6, that would translate project file formats, clean up site data and take care of errors, was a big mistake.

    I agree with the views expressed by Juergen Strenger above as I am very much in the same situation. I've been running bookmarking demon for over 2 years. I have a portfolio of over 500 websites. I have accumulated around 630 reliable bookmarking sites at which I have over 5000 accounts. Bookmarking demon is running 24/7. But I can't even get the sites transfered - the data doesn't appear to be formatted correctly.

    The quality of support for this failing in the design of version 6 appears to reflect a lack of regard for existing, loyal customers and a clear drive toward upselling additional products. Over the years I have recommended BMD to many people and organisations, without any commission, purely because I have found it immensely useful. I shall not be doing so in future.

  • admin on 27 Apr, 2012 11:25 pm commented:
  • @Tony Thank you for writing in and I thank you for recommending our products without taking a commission (which you should, as an affiliate).

    Software complexity and new workflow does not allow data migration to be possible. You can export and web pages from BMD5 into BMD6 but it need some "hacking" on the .CSV file.

    On your statement that we lack of regard for existing loyal customer, I strongly disagree.

    We could have easily end the product life of BookmarkingDemon (like many vendors do) and create an entirely new software with a different name and charge all existing customers.

    Instead, we move all our existing users into our new platform. None is left out. 

    We did not ask our existing users to pay a dime even though we have put in an enormous large amount of time and effort into the new software.

    Why did we do that? It is because we put heavy regards on our existing customers.

  • qoman on 30 May, 2012 04:49 pm commented:
  • i didn't upgrade my program to version so i don't have the same function.where i can download BookmarkingDemon and migrate my data to newer version.

    please help

    thank you

  • admin on 30 May, 2012 11:09 pm commented:
  • @qoman Open a support ticket on this and we will assist you from there.

  • Albert on 08 Jun, 2012 10:44 pm commented:
  • The support with this software is always a hassle- clearly a language barrier. 

    It seems like a MAZE that one had to get to.

    First they suggest PAGE NUMBERS IN MANUALS then when one tries that a dead end is reached. 

    I too am having problems migrating. Yet I followed the specific instructions inthe link which was to export data from 5.  Then I go to 6 and go to import  and it says its in the wrong format.  HELLOOOO is anyone listening??????

    Then EXPORT it in the RIGHT format so it imports correctly.

    My apologies- but the technical support is HORRIBLE!  

  • admin on 10 Jun, 2012 08:50 am commented:
  • Ensure you are using to export the data into .CSV.

    Do not use any program to edit the .CSV files.

    If you still face problem, open a support ticket at our support site.

  • jayson on 23 Jun, 2012 05:44 am commented:
  • Hai ,I already download BMD 6 but I don't get license key to activate it ,where can I get the key ?

  • admin on 25 Jun, 2012 04:08 am commented:
  • Open a support ticket at https://support.edwinsoft.net

  • Earl on 10 Jul, 2012 11:19 pm commented:
  • I ca'nt install Bookmarking Demon in my PC even if I already installed many update on my OS. What should I do?

  • admin on 23 Aug, 2012 08:48 am commented:
  • Take a look at the .TXT file that is located in the folder that you have the software installed. 

    It will be easier to reach us via our support channel as we monitor support tickets and reply them within 24 hours. ;)

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