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Migrate From ArticleDemon 1 To 2

With the release of ArticleDemon 2, users on version 1 will definitely want to have the option to migrate their existing accounts to the new version.

We have released ArticleDemon that addresses this need.

Exporting Accounts - Part 1

Export Accounts Part 1

  1. Start up ArticleDemon and click on the application menu
  2. Navigate to "Import / Export" and choose "Export Accounts For ArticleDemon 2 / UltimateDemon" from the menu

Exporting Accounts - Part 2

Export Accounts Part 2

  1. Specify the file for the accounts
  2. Specify the file for the email settings that are associated with the accounts
  3. Click [OK] to save

Once you have exported the accounts into .CSV files, you can refer to page 160 to 166 of the ArticleDemon 2 user guide on how to import accounts into ArticleDemon 2.


For accounts belonging to self-add sites, you have to add these sites into AD2 before accounts can be imported.

You can refer to page 106 to 110 of the user guide for more information on how to add sites via the "Site Detector".


  • parsibagan on 30 Mar, 2012 12:14 pm commented:
  • Do I have to uninstall the previous version of Article Demon before installing the new version. If no, then should I install the new version of Article Demon on a different folder/path?

  • admin on 30 Mar, 2012 12:15 pm commented:
  • No. You don't have to remove the old version to install the new one. Simply install AD2 into the default folder indicated by the installer. 

  • TracyT on 05 Apr, 2012 09:08 am commented:
  • I have a large number of spun articles set up in the submission queue - will I lose all of these or can they be migrated into the new version?

  • TT on 05 Apr, 2012 09:11 am commented:
  • Do you have to set up AD2 as if you were installing it for the very first time, or can the set up details for AD1 be migrated?

  • admin on 05 Apr, 2012 10:28 am commented:
  • @TracyT The data structure of v2 is different from v1 so I will suggest that you complete your submission for the articles that you have already setup in v1 before moving on to v2.

    For future submissions, you can add them into v2. 

    @TT Only accounts and email addresses can be migrated from v1 to v2. Spun articles can't be exported.

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