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Ebay Bans Buildanichestore With Expired Domains


Building your sites with expired doimains is the laziest way to make money online. I like to develop them into BANS sites.

Step 1. Buy expired domains:
a) with keyword in them.
b) still indexed in google.
c) does not have a bad history (check archive.org)
d) the older the better.

Step 2. Find all the long tail buying keywords associated with the keyword in the domain name.
Only use keywords with little or no competition. Number of searches is not as important.

Step 3. Build each long tail keyword as your ebay category pages. Make sure the keyword is in the title of each category page. Silo the categories as much as possible.

Step 4. Repeat and keep pumping out BANS.

You might be asking - what about the content? promotion?

The most I had is a 250 words content on the mainpage and no content for internal pages. Other people might tell you otherwise. From my testing, the duplicate content created from the ebay product listing is enough to rank for low competition long tail keywords.

If you look at your web statistics, you will find that most of your traffic is coming from the words produced by the ebay product listings such as
“Adorable Frog Diaper Cake 3 Tier”
“Three Tiers Undecorated Diaper Cake”
“Three Tier Turquoise and Brown Diaper Cake”

Don’t be afraid to have duplicate content on your site. You can always add unique articles later on.

90% of my expired domains have zero promotion (I only promote keywords that are harder to rank). Let the site hang around for 1-4 weeks and you will start seeing traffic and sales. The system is simple - you just have to keep building.

Occasionally do some social bookmarking and other web promotion tactics to your expired domains.

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July 6th, 2008 at 5:09 pm
Looks like fun, and for lazy folks like me. Nah, I think you probably really do need a few hundred of BANS to make it work.

So, that is work.

BTW, I cam here looking to contact you with questions per an email i received re: BMD affiliate program.

No chat support? I have questions.


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