EdwinSoft will cease operation after 31st October 2017.

Sales Stoppage & Ceasing of Operations After 31st October 2017

As of 22nd May 2017, we have stopped selling Edwinsoft's softwares with onetime license. UltimateDemon's monthly subscription will cease on 30th September 2017 so that users can continue to use it till 31st October 2017. 

EdwinSoft has been operating at a loss due to its high overhead and server cost. It left us with no choice but to shut it down. But unlike other software developers who just disappeared without a trace, we are going to keep the servers online (out of our own pockets) and EdwinSoft's products running for the next few months out of good will for all our users.

Our last operating day will be 31st Oct 2017.

To our long term supporters of Edwinsoft (11 years), words can't describe how much we appreciate your support and the success stories you shared with us. Its your support that kept us going despite the financial difficulties and other problems that we face.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


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