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Upcoming New Feature - Extract Seed Article

We know there are moments that we will hit a mind block. There are just no inspiration to get us started in writing.

In the upcoming release of UltimateDemon, one of the new features that we are introducing is "Extract Seed Article".

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

UltimateDemon New Feature - Extract Seed Article

UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker

A month has passed since the launch of UltimateDemon. Many great enhancements (more than 30) have been added into the software.

One of the feature that we want to highlight today is the link farm checker. Even though this feature has been there since day 1, in the latest version (, we have brought it to the next level of simplicity.

You can now easily identify sites that are part of a link farm by simply right clicking on any site in the "Sites" screen and choose "Identify Sites With Same IP".

Take a look at how easy it is to use this wonderful feature:

UltimateDemon Link Farm Checker

Fixing High Failure Rate In UltimateDemon

It has come to our attention that there are users facing high failure rate when using UltimateDemon.

We have looked into this and we have found out the likely cause that it is due to account activation. The default time to retry email activation was set to be 3 minutes and apparently, that is too short.

This in turn caused the task items to fail with the error "Exceed Retry Limit".


How to check if you are affected by this:

  • Select the task from your project screen that is 100% processed and have a high number of pending items
  • Click [Task Log] from the toolbar.
  • In the "Task Log" screen, mouse over the "Status" column and you will see a small funnel icon at the top right corner
  • Click the funnel icon
  • Select "Exceed Retry Limit" (1)
  • Check the "Message" column to see if most of the items are displaying the message "Task delayed as no email containing activation link is found" (2).

    If you see a lot of items with the above message, you are one of the affected users.

Account Verification Exceed Retry Limits

A screenshot of how it will appear on your task log (click image to enlarge).


How to correct this:

Users who are facing this issue can fix it by applying the following steps:

  • Select the task from your project screen
  • Click [Task Log] from the toolbar.
  • In the "Task Log" screen, select any item that has "Exceed retry limit"
  • Click "Reset Retry Limit" from the toolbar
  • Check "Reset all items that have exceed retry limits"
  • Click [Yes]

UltimateDemon will retry email activation again.



Set "Verify email after X minutes" to a larger number (10 minutes) when you create a task. This will provide sufficient time for emails to arrive in the mailbox.


What's going to happen next:

We will be looking into this and a new update that is aimed at addressing this issue will be released. We appreciate your patience.


If you are not one of the affected users but still experiencing high failure rate:

Please file a support ticket at https://support.edwinsoft.net and we will assist you from there.