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Social Bookmarking Software BookmarkingDemon 4

Bookmarking Demon version 4 released


After 3 months of delay, the latest social bookmarking software - BookmarkingDemon v4 is finally here. Bmd version4 is a big improvement over the previous versions. With a totally new interface making it a complete new software. All existing users will get it as a free upgrade.

There was plan to make BMD4 a monthly subscription based social bookmarking tool due to the regular updates needed. Instead of charging a monthly fee, we decided to increase the one time price of social bookmarking tool Bookmarkingdemon. Of course, current users will get it at no extra cost. If you have not received any news on how to upgrade your bmd3 to bmd4, please contact our support at our helpdesk.

- Randomization
One of the main concerns about automated social bookmarking software is randomization. With BookmarkingDemon, you can now add random urls to your accounts. This makes your bookmarking appear more natural to both human and search engines.

You can choose to randomly bookmark to a percentage of your bookmarking accounts.

- Faster Crawler
Crawling of URLs is now so much faster as compare to previous version.
- More Bookmarking sites
BMD4 will come with 100+ bookmarking sites inclusive of scuttle sites, scuttle plus and pligg sites.

- Add Scuttle Plus and Plus sites
BMD4 comes with the ability to add scuttle and pligg sites.
- Ping Feature
This is the final missing piece to any bookmarking process. BMD4 will automatically retrieve your social profile page from your bookmarking account. You can ping your social profile and add your own web pages at the ping section of our social bookmarking tool.

- Random description using the standard { | } feature.

- No reinstallation needed when we update the drivers (bookmarking sites).

We have also taken away the two searchers found in BMD3:
- Removed scuttle searcher. It is too slow and buggy. The results are always poor as it is taken straight from the search engine without any form of filtration system. You will now draw the list of scuttle sites from our server. We also included some scuttle plus and pligg sites.

- Removed proxy server searcher. A lot of problems caused due to everyone sharing the same open public proxy servers. We recommend users to find their own private proxy servers service.

For more information, visit bookmarkingdemon at Social Bookmarking Software.

Guaranteed Web Traffic

Can You Really Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic?

When we talk about guaranteed web traffic, we are usually talking about paid traffic. Paid traffic is the fastest way to get traffic to yourself. You can get it almost immediately when you activate your paid advertising. But you have to note that there are many scam services that claim to send you a certain number of visitors to your site in a period of time.

Scam traffic providers tend to use software to generate fake hits to your site. This gives you the impression that you have many visitors. Another type of traffic providers will direct junk traffic to your site. Most likely they are redirecting traffic from expired domains to your site. Such traffic will never convert. Most of the expired domains that they acquired are adult sites.

Effective advertising will be PPC, CPA or banner ads. PPC is the most common paid traffic used by internet marketers. It is easy to setup a PPC campaign and monitor it. The only problem is that a lot of testing has to be done to make sure you are ahead of your competition.

As for CPA, it is about buying leads. You can also approach a leads broker to help you get the type of leads you need.

Banner ads are thought to be dead but it is not. Banner ads can actually kill your server if you do it right. We are not talking about placing banner ads at websites. The banner ads that will drive a lot of traffic to your sites are those found in applications or emails. For example, MSN will have a banner at the bottom of your friend list. Your hotmail will have a big banner ad at the top sharing.

These are some of the best guaranteed web traffic that you can get today. Do not believe in those that claims to give you thousands if not millions of targeted visitor per day. If the traffic is so good, they would have directed those traffic to themselve and make a killing.

Blog Finder Software

BlogCommentDemon version 2 released


The latest blog finder software - BlogCommentDemon v2 is finally here. Bcd version2 is a huge improvement over the previous version. With a completely new interface and advanced features. As part of edwinsoft's software, all existing users will get it as a free upgrade.

If you have not received any news on how to upgrade your bcd1 to bcd2, please contact our support helpdesk.

- Track your comments to check if it is approved.

- Deep crawl a website for more similar pages.

- Sort blogs according to TLD (Top-Level domains).

- Sort blogs by PageRank.

- Arrange blogs according to Dofollow/nofollow links.

- Scan the number of comments on a blog page.

- Scan the number of outgoing links on a blog page.

- Display the title of every blog page.

- Add your own custom notes to each blog.

- Random proxy server support.

- Dashboard showing all your recent dofollow blogs.

- Ability to add and organize the blogs as favorites.

- Auto fill the comment field.

- Project Management.

For more information, visit blogcommentdemon at Blog Commenting Software.

Social Bookmarking Automation Software


NOTE: this post is outdated. please check out the latest version at: "Social bookmarking Software"

Months ago, I developed my own software that help me bookmark my webpages faster at some of the social bookmarking sites. It supports 10 social bookmarking sites. It is not a automated tool. It is semi-auto and is something similar to a formfiller.

You can download it for free at "Social Bookmarking". You will see a popover, just subscribe to it and you will get the software.

To make my bookmarking faster, I developed my own personal automation software. I used for weeks and I thought it could help those who cannot afford to pay for those expensive social bookmarking automation software in the market today.

I have released my own personal automation tool - BookmarkingDemon.

It currently automates bookmarking to around 20 Social Bookmarking sites. It also supports scuttle scripts.

Increase Web Site Traffic With Squidoo And Hubpages

*Note* This post is outdated and not reliable


Due to the recent Squidoo slap, Hubpages are ranking better than Squidoo lenses.
Don’t give up on Squidoo yet because they are still effective. More links and content are now required to impress Google
to rank your Squidoo lens higher and increase web site traffic.

How I Use My Free Tool - BumDemon to find available Squidoo and hubpages:
I believe many users will ask me this question. I’m not going into details because there are so many guides on squidoo out there :)

Here’s how I use Squidoo/Hubpages and BumDemon.

Find a niche and a good affiliate product that goes with it.

Do a keyword research for the niche. Find those low competitive keywords with a decent amount of searches.

Throw the keywords into BumDemon and search. Maximum search 40 keywords at any one time.
Note that yahoo will ban your IP address for a few hours if you search too much.
If at any point, error messages appear, just use a proxy server.

Create Squidoo lens and Hubpages.

Use bookmarkingdemon and blogcommentdemon to start indexing your lens and increase web site traffic.
You can use any other web promotion tools you have.

Add new content to your lens at least once a week. Just a few new sentences will do.
I have many Squidoo lenses and those that wasn’t slapped badly are those that have a lot of fresh content.
Always make an effort to update it. RSS feeds are a must :)

5 Responses

1.Rian Brooklyn
September 6th, 2007 at 5:08 pm
this sounds like a great strategy. Squidoo is getting more competitive these days for affiliate promotions, and the SERPS are getting cluttered. This should give one a cool edge.

September 21st, 2007 at 11:46 am
Thanks for this article. Squidoo seems to have great potential for marketing and helping bring more traffic in to a site or blog.

3.An Idea for BMD
November 25th, 2007 at 5:27 am

I just want to say that i own both your products, bookmarking demon AND blog commentor, and they are both a BLOG OWNER’S BEST FRIEND!

I do have a tiny suggestion for bookmarking demon. I know you get a ton of suggestions, but i think this would add great value to bookmarking demon.

As you know, there are hundreds are bookmarking sites out there…and while i realize that bmd can’t automatically submit to all of them for obvious reasons….but is there a way to add a ’semi automatic’ submission feature for these types of bookmarking sites?

The semi automatic feature would simply store a list of bookmarking sites not automatically supported by BMD, when a BMD user clicks on one of these sites (such as Digg) BMD would auto fill the fields…but the user would have to fill in the captcha info and push the submit button.

Once again, this is just a small suggestion, i hope it doesn’t come across too stupid or anything….but i think adding a feature like this would be a great benefit for all BMD users

4.hub pages
November 28th, 2007 at 12:43 pm
there are times i run a keyword in bum demon and it will state that it is available for Hub pages when it isn’t…

5.Promotional items
May 27th, 2008 at 12:10 am
Thank you very much for this tutorial. I enjoyed the way you do this, and I appreciate the step by step instructions for the ones who are experts in this software.

Hiding Your Urls While Doing Social Bookmarking

Some social bookmarking sites will label you as ‘Self Promoter’ if your bookmarks contain nothing but your own domains. The solution to this is to hide your url among other links that are not related to yours.

For every url you want to bookmark, you should bookmark another 3 to 4 bookmarks that are totally unrelated to your site. Make sure those sites are not your competitors.

No idea what urls to use? Just go to any of the following and grab any of the urls there and mix them with your urls.
Always stay under the radar and make your social bookmarking accounts look more legit.

http://technorati.com/blogs/directory/ entertainment
http://technorati.com/blogs/directory/ technology

You can also bookmark pages from video sites from youtube, dailymotion, etc.
Most people will bookmark funny videos, pictures or some forum discussions.
Mix it in and you will be able to pass a visual inspection.