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Get Camtasia 3 For Free


Thanks giving!

The people from Techsmith are giving away Camtasia 3 for free. The version which I used for all my videos.

There is no catch. No affiliate link. Totally free.

Step1: Download software from:
*Link no longer available*

Step3: Enter the password into the software.

Use software all you want. No limit! You can also upgrade it to version 5 for half the retail price.
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November 26th, 2007 at 6:14 pm

Hey Edwin,
I was one of the ones that was not added to the BMD update list. I tried correcting it today and the security code system would not take my entry (I tried several times making sure I was entering it correctly).

So please add me to the list and let your support system know you are not getting what you are paying for. ; )
The best,

Google New Adsense Placement Rule


1. You can no longer put the adsense ad under your post title.
2. You can no longer put the adsense ad on a page that look identical to your content.
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April 5th, 2008 at 7:44 pm
My understanding is that you are not forbidden from putting Adsense under all titles, just some types of titles that give the impression that the ads below are part of your own content. The example given : Today’s Hot Deals with the ads below almost imply that the publisher lists some hot offers right below.
So, I don’t think we are prevented from putting adsense under ALL titles.

Web Site Traffic Software

Web site traffic software is a must have if you are serious about your internet business. You cannot be manually submitting links to directories everyday. You are wasting hours and hours with manually when there are automated solutions available. When we talk about website traffic software, we are not talking about those 'push one button and you get web hits' type of software. We are talking about software that will help build links to your website.

Time is the main factor that determines how much you can achieve online. You have to tackle the issue with 'I do not have enough time' issue. The first thing you need to consider is to ask yourself what web site traffic software out there can help automates certain part of your business.

The next thing you can ask yourself is that how you can employ someone to do all the boring work for you. Web promotion is one of the most boring work online. Link building is boring because you are doing nothing new but following the same system/routine everyday. It is like working 9 to 5 daily. You sit there and submit, submit, submit...

Anyone new to internet marketing should be buying web site traffic software. They can be costly. Always make your first one thousand dollar online first before you invest some of your money on tools. Most of the tools come with a 30-60 days money back guarantee. If you dislike the tool that you bought, simply ask for a refund.

BlogCommentDemon Review

I just released a blog commenting software. It is not really a blog commenting software. It acts like a blog search engine and help you find hundreds and even thousands of related blogs to yours.

All you have to do is to place a comment on those blogs with a keyword anchored link back to your site. This is what we call blog commenting. BlogCommentDemon is not spamming tool because it doesn’t submit comments for you.

Many believe that blog commenting is useless because the search engines don’t register links in comments as backlinks.

You might want to read the report at link building software to find out if blog commenting is still effective!

BlogCommentDemon allows you to find blogs across 11 blog platforms. It is like having 11 tools for the price of one!

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1. Michael
November 8th, 2007 at 2:48 pm
Sorry but i am looking for a product like this to buy, but i cant see how this will help with PR building, since most wordpress use no follow tags. Could u please explain

Web Submission Software

Web Site Submission Is All About Getting Backlinks

When it comes to marketing your website, building backlinks is the most boring task of all. Without the use of web submission software, you will be fighting the battle without a solid weapon. It does not make sense to fight a battle with swords if your enemies are all using rifles.

Web submission software can be your secret weapon to grow your online business. These tools are usually designed with one thing in mind - get backlinks in the shortest time possible. They are priced differently depending on the complex tasks they are able to do.

Please note that not all web site submission software are made equal. There are bad ones and good ones. That is the reason why you see so many tools performing similar tasks in the market today. Buy the one with good reviews from other users. Buying your software from a reliable vendor is the key.

You have to make sure that none of the softwares that you are buying are spamming software. Software that spams the internet will not last for long. You also have to ensure that you are using the tools correctly. Some users become greedy and started spamming when the tool was not designed to be a spamming tool.

There are many types of web submission softwares in the market today. You can find directory submission software, article submission software, blog commenting software, social bookmarking software, press release software, forum tools and many others.

Increase Traffic To Site

Having The Discipline To Follow A Promotion Plan

The basic to increase traffic to your site is content and linking. The more content you have, the more pages it will be indexed in google search engines and the higher the chance of getting free traffic.

Without linking, you will not be getting the full potential traffic from your content. You can have thousands of quality unique content indexed but without linking, you hardly get any traffic.

Once you have a proper keyword researched site set up, it is time to sit down and draw out a plan. The first part is how often you intend to update your site with fresh content. The second part will be web promotion. The time spent on web promotion should be at least twice the amount of time spent on content creation.

Simple plan such as - week1 social bookmarking, week2 article submission, week3 directory submission, week4 blog commenting, etc.

Many gave up after a few days of constant linking and they claim everything is not working. Do not expect results immediately. Give yourself 2 months for the traffic to kick in. Just keep on building links and increase traffic to your site . Be disciplined and treat it like a 9 to 5 job. Once you understand how much time is required for each linking process is, you can outsource the linking process. Train him/her and provide a time frame for completion.

If you want to increase traffic to site, you cannot be too greedy. Build up your links slowly instead of killing your site with thousands of links daily. Social Bookmarking can help you build backlinks fast and get your site indexed in a few days.

Website Traffic Software

Using Web Site Traffic Software For Your Business

If you do not own any website traffic software in your computer, you are wasting your time doing your web promotion manually. Linking is a must in the internet marketing business and you simply cannot waste time on visiting different websites and submitting links manually.

Time is always the main problem that prevents you from working as much as you wanted to do. Can you imagine submitting your website to thousands of directories every month manually? Creating accounts, filling names, filling in urls, writing descriptions for every single site...so much time wasted! This is where you need to purchase website traffic software to save your time. A software is like a new employee to your company.

If you are new to internet marketing, learn to do web promotion the free way first. Once you earn your first one thousand dollars, invest in some web promotion tools. Most of them will come with a money back guarantee therefore there is no risk involve. You don't like it, you ask for a refund.

Building an internet business requires the use of certain automation tool. You cannot be doing things manually and expect to your grow your business. You will need website traffic software to make your operations run faster and grow your business to the next level. Once you master the web site traffic software, you can hire someone to do the whole linking operation for you. This way, you will work less and earn more.

Web Promotion Tool

Why You Need Website Promotion Tool

If you are a mass site builder, you will need to automate your link building with web promotion tool. Doing link building manually is tiring and time wasting. With so many website promotion tools in the market today, you will surely find a few that will help automate a certain area of your business.
With so many make money online information available today, it is impossible for you to try all money making tactics. Most internet marketers have the knowledge of making money online but they do not have the proper system to run their business. Content plus link building is the main structure in most site building system.

With web site promotion tool, you will have more time to try new marketing strategies. You can have more time to focus on your business. Time is the main obstacle to your internet success. Poor time management will result in failure.

There are many free website promotion tools that you can use if you are new to internet marketing. Try them out before you spend money buying new software. Free softwares are effective but are usually limited in features.

Building an internet business and system requires many different web promotion tool to automate as many areas as possible. If you are doing things manually, you become a slave to your business. With tools, you can easily hire someone to run those tools for you and you can focus on managing your system.

Search Engine Web Promotion

What search engine web promotion is all about

Search engine web promotion is all about getting free organic search engine traffic to your site. You can get the most traffic when your website appears on the first page of the search engines for a particular keyword.

In order to get free search engine traffic, you will need to write content that will rank for a particular keyword. The most basic SEO:
- keyword in your title
- keyword appears a few times in the body of your article

You can insert variations of your keyword by finding the longer tail version of it. There are many courses available on the internet that will teach you how to write SEO content designed for the search engines.

Your next step is to bring links to your content/articles/website. Link building is the most boring job online. It is a brainless job when you know what you are doing. But you still have to do it. Without links, the search engines will not know that you exist. Even if they know, you will not rank well for the keyword you want to rank.

Linking manually is time consuming. You will need software to boost your search engine web promotion. Speed is key to growing your business. The faster you are able to work, the more things you can accomplish online.

Web site search engine promotion is not magic, it is a system that requires discipline. If you cannot sit infront of your monitor and do nothing but linking, you should seriously hire someone to do it for you. Without links, you will not get much free traffic.

Increase Traffic To Website

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Increase traffic to website is every web publishers' main concern. Without traffic there is no way you can make any money online. You can easily get social traffic from popular social sites. You can also get video traffic easily. You can also blog about the latest events and get a lot of traffic.

The problem is that most of these traffic does not convert well. If you are monetizing these traffic with adsense, you will be smart pricing your google adsense account. So is it worth it to get such traffic? It all depends on the type of monetization that you are using.

Remember, traffic is not the hardest part in internet marketing, it is monetization. You have to match your traffic with the right offers.

The perfect match = money.
If they don't match = divorce.

Social traffic is great but they are usually temporary. You have to keep getting them. The best source of traffic is search engine traffic, once you have done your linking work. The traffic will come naturally. We own many sites that we have not done any linking for over a year and yet they are still making money. We know we will earn more money if we continue to promote these sites during the past one year.

As with social traffic, once it slows down, it will disappear and never come back. Therefore, we love search engine traffic morethan anything. Anyone that says search engine traffic sucks has no idea what he is talking about.

There are so many tactics that can be used to increase traffic to your website. The main key is to build keyword anchored links to your site and rank for that particular keyword.