About EdwinSoft

We have being using web promotion software since 2004. Most of the software out there became outdated after a few months because the creators simply abandon their software. The 'gurus' created these software with no intention to use or update them.

Many software are rushed to the market and they lack quality and stability. They are either not updated, lack of customer support, or they disappear shortly after.

As a result, EdwinSoft is created in 2006. EdwinSoft = Edwin's Software. We aim to develop applications to help webmasters save time on web promotion.

EdwinSoft has been in business since 2006 and updates are still being provided to our pioneer software (BookmarkingDemon) and it is still the best bookmarking software in the market today.

Our team consists of only people who have a deep passion for creating the best SEO software. Our friendly support team are well known among our users in ensuring that their needs are always answered in a timely manner.

To Your Success!
Edwin Brian