EdwinSoft will cease operation after 31st October 2017.

Sales Stoppage & Ceasing of Operations After 31st October 2017

As of 22nd May 2017, we have stopped selling Edwinsoft's softwares with onetime license. UltimateDemon's monthly subscription will cease on 30th September 2017 so that users can continue to use it till 31st October 2017. 

EdwinSoft has been operating at a loss due to its high overhead and server cost. It left us with no choice but to shut it down. But unlike other software developers who just disappeared without a trace, we are going to keep the servers online (out of our own pockets) and EdwinSoft's products running for the next few months out of good will for all our users.

Our last operating day will be 31st Oct 2017.

To our long term supporters of Edwinsoft (11 years), words can't describe how much we appreciate your support and the success stories you shared with us. Its your support that kept us going despite the financial difficulties and other problems that we face.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

UltimateDemon (One-Time License) 40% Off X'mas Promo!

In view of the Holiday Season, we are pleased to offer a 40% discount off UltimateDemon (One-Time License only) for our customers.

This special promotion will start from 19th December 2014 and ends on 1st January 2015.

We would like to wish all our customers:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

X'mas Promotion!

Site Detector Version 2

We have previously stated that we will be rewriting the site detector. We are glad to announce that the new site detector is now live.

The site detector that comes with UltimateDemon, BookmarkingDemon and ArticleDemon, have been totally rewritten. To update to the latest version, simply run the software and click [Download New Version] that is located at the bottom left.

Site Detection v2 uses the same DemonCore engine that powers the submitter. We now have A.I. built into the new version, enabling it to detect different types of sites with better accuracy. You will notice a drastic improvement when it comes to the detection speed.

On top of that, the new site detector now displays more information during the site detection process. You will be well informed on what is really going on.

You can take a look at the new site detector in action:

Site Detector Version 2

Do you know that once we have taught the site detector to recognize these new sites, you will be able to detect them without having to update the software at all?

P.S. If you come across any site that is not detectable, let us know and we will teach the A.I. on our end.

P.S.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to open a support ticket at https://support.edwinsoft.net and we will be glad to assist you.

P.S.S.S. Don't forget, we have a forum that you can share your knowledge with other fellow users at http://forum.edwinsoft.com

UltimateDemon Link Tree Launched!

Link Tree

Yes. It is finally here!

To upgrade to UltimateDemon v1.1.0.0, simply run the software and you will be prompted to download the new version.

UltimateDemon Lite users (by combining BMD and AD license into the same software), you will also have access to the link tree. The only restriction is that you will only have access to article and bookmark tasks in the link tree.

UltimateDemon Link Tree / Pyramid Sneak Preview

We are nearing the completion of our next major update for UltimateDemon and here is a short update on what to expect in the upcoming release. 

Link Wheel? Link Tree / Pyramid?

We started off with the intention to implement a link wheel. But, after some deep thinking process, we decided to go for the link tree / pyramid approach.

Here is a sneak preview of how you can setup a link tree diagram in UltimateDemon:

Setting Up Link Tree Diagram

Why Do We Pick Link Tree?

Commonly, people flood lots of links (articles, blogcomments, bookmarks, etc.) to their money site. They did not put into consideration on the fact that among these links, there will be a large number of low quality links that could hurt their ranking through direct linking.

A link tree structure allows a lot more flexibility when it comes to creating link diversity. In this new era of SEO, having link diversity is crucial. We will not be covering link diversity over here as the intention is to keep this post short. 

Link Juice

From the above picture, you will see 2 arrows. 

Orange arrow: Links from the top are sent to the bottom levels for link building.

Green arrow: Link juice from live links of bottom levels flow up and funnel into the money site.

You can build links not only vertically (by adding more levels), but also horizontally (e.g. by adding more tier 1 links to money site) to your money site.

Stay tuned. :)


The look and feel for the final product could vary when it is released.

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